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Hand in Hand, Tax Awareness Activities on Campus

Issuance Date: April 11, 2018 Source: China Taxation News

All the tax organs organized many different “Tax Laws on Campus” activities during the 27th National Tax Awareness Month. The staff from tax departments communicated the tax knowledge and helped students learn, understand and communicate tax laws in the primary and secondary schools.

Guangxi: “Tax” month as a companion to growth

Guangxi Liuzhou Liuyong Road No.1 Primary School’s Teenager Tax School, which has a history of tax awareness education for 28 years, recently start the training courses as scheduled. During this year’s tax awareness month, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Office, SAT co-organized the “Tax Laws on Campus” activities together with Guangxi Local Taxation Bureau, Guangxi Department of Justice, and Guangxi Department of Education through the on-campus tax awareness brand.

The reporter learned in an interview that Liuzhou Liuyong Road No.1 Primary School is the on-campus tax awareness brand for the tax organs in Guangxi’s tax organs. In 1990, the primary school responded to the call for “hoping all the young students in China to serve as the little propagandists of tax laws”, developed the characteristic school-running direction of teenage tax school, and stirred up the craze of enlightening education of tax laws. The students from this school were even received by the Party and State leaders and the leaders from tax departments because of their outstanding contribution to tax awareness work. For years, Guangxi’s tax organs and the school worked together to make the publicity of tax laws an integral culture of this school. The school conducted the research on publicity of tax laws, and independently compiles the textbooks including Happy Way to Tax Laws (Knowledge of Tax Laws), and An Illustrated Book of Tax. The students designed the extracurricular reading like I’m a Little Propagandist of Tax Law (Collection of Articles), developed the Outline of Enlightening Education of Tax Laws and Tax Knowledge of Liuzhou Liuyong Road No.1 Primary School, and trained the little propagandists of tax laws through diverse educational forms of tax laws including teaching in class, tax collectors in classrooms, solicited articles on tax, drawing contest, tax caravan, and tax laws on campus.

Guangxi’s tax organs will conduct the tax awareness activities in such different forms as the production of tax knowledge publicity videos, giveaway of tax-related books and the co-development between tax organs and schools according to the requirements of deepening reform to encourage students to learn, abide by and use laws voluntarily.

The staff from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Office, SAT were organized by the Youth League Committee to conduct the tax awareness activities in the primary and secondary schools.

Jiangsu: Students taught to identify invoices

The Jiangsu Provincial Office, SAT and Jiangsu Local Taxation Bureau organized the one-month “Tax Laws on Campus” activity throughout the province during the 27th National Tax Awareness Month. The key business personnel from the SAT’s local offices and local taxation bureaus in the province walked into the campuses of primary and secondary schools to popularize the knowledge of tax laws.

“What is tax?” “How is tax related to my family?” In Hexi Junior Secondary School Affiliated to Nanjing Foreign Language School, the tax personnel and students conducted the simulated dialogues between “supermarket bosses” and “customers” and “customer service personnel” and “online shoppers”. “For your small purchase, an invoice means nothing.” “I need an invoice for whatever I’ve bought. If you refuse, you want to evade tax? I can dial 12366 and report your case to the tax authorities.”… In these self-made scenarios, students learn that a single invoice can have much information. In the scenario “identify invoices”, students were all ready to identify the validity of invoices as tax personnel. In the Q&A part, all the students tried their best to seize the title of “Superman of Tax Knowledge”.

“We’ve earned and paid nothing. Can tax knowledge mean anything to us?” “In fact, each of you has something to do with tax, directly or indirectly. When your parents buy you new clothes or your family dines out, asking for invoices means the contribution of our taxation work.” This is the dialogue between the tax officials from Zhangjiaguang Bonded Area and the students at Suzhou Zhangjiagang Nanshan Secondary School. The tax personnel told some easily understood tax stories, supported by the lively videos and cartoons, to explain the tax knowledge tightly close to life and current affairs.

The tax personnel from the SAT’s Nanjing Xuanwu District Office, and Nanjing Xuanwu District Local Taxation Bureau introduced the role of tax to the students from the Primary School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University.

Chongqing: “Act as One-day Tax Officials” in the tax service hall

“We distributed more than 20 forms at the tax guidance desk on one morning. We helped uncles and aunts to find the designated windows and handle the tax-related business.” Cai Minjun, a student from Chongqing Qianjing District Zhengyang Central Primary School, flashed with pride in his eyes. He shared his experience in “Act as One-day Tax Officials” activity with several schoolmates.

During this year’s National Tax Awareness Month, the Chongqing Municipal Office, SAT organized the activity of tax laws publicity and education courses for teenagers. The students are provided with a chance to learn something about tax and experience tax-related affairs through some activities like “act as one-day tax officials”, vivid tax cartoons, easily understood tax knowledge courses and “Tax in My Eyes” drawings. Meanwhile, the strategic memorandums of understanding on the tax law publicity were signed with some universities to invite some teachers and students to visit Chongqing Taxation Exhibition Hall, 12366 Tax Payment Service Center and Postal Service Treatment Center. The tax personnel walked into the university campuses to mainly communicate the preferential tax policies concerning the small and micro enterprises and the college students’ entrepreneurship and to help college students understand and use tax laws properly.

The sixth-grade mathematic textbooks for the primary school students in Chongqing have included the knowledge about tax rate. These students are required to understand the meanings of tax payment and tax rate, and to complete simple calculations. Some schools also include the calculation of tax rate and amount in the test questions. To help children gain a better perception of tax principles and affairs, and understand the significance of tax payment according to law, the tax classes were started in Chongqing Nan’an District Shanhu Primary School by the SAT’ Chongqing Municipal Office and Chongqing Local Taxation Bureau to introduce the tax-related knowledge.

The tax personnel from the SAT’s Chonqging Wanzhou District Office organized the activity of “Walking into Hope Schools, Accompanying Children’s Growth”.

Shaanxi: Lighting up Dreams and Walking along with Tax

Six government authorities in Shaanxi Province including the SAT’s local offices, local taxation bureaus, finance, education, youth league committee and women’s federation officially launched the activities of tax laws on campus with theme of “Lighting up Dreams and Walking along with Tax”. About 40 activities including drawing tax by pupils, tax interns, little tax propagandists, and “innovative and entrepreneurial” training for college students were organized across the province so that the “tax dream” burgeons in the hearts of children.

It’s learned that one special part of “Tax Laws on Campus” during the annual tax awareness month has been conducted for ten consecutive years in Shaanxi Province.

Based the general construction thoughts of “consolidating basis in primary school to develop enlightening education, stressing the cultivation of habits for secondary school students to deepen cognitive education, and encouraging respects among college students to strengthen practice education”, Shaanxi Province has built the tax laws-related education bases in all the cities and counties (districts) to provide the long-term locations for the tax laws-related education for young students.

The tax organs at all levels in Shaanxi have established the tax book corners in many schools to provide students with tax knowledge series and other tax-related books. What’s more, the education programs on and off campus, inside and outside classes, and online and offline have made use of pervasion teaching mode and a diverse form of media, communicated the philosophy of tax knowledge and honest tax payment, and gradually learned the tax law-related knowledge in many different tax laws awareness education activities. In the meantime, the off-campus second classes were initiated and “Act as One-day Tax Officials” experience activities were organized to enhance the students’ tax-related experience so that they could have the first-hand understanding of new changes to tax.

To build the professional teams to communicate tax laws on a regular basis, the tax organs at all levels in Shaanxi Province selected and recruited some excellent tax cadres to act as the propagandists of tax laws. This team of tax law counselors included the leaders and key tax employees with rich experience and excellent business abilities, and the vigorous and dynamic tax cadres. They introduced the tax laws-related knowledge to young students, and organized the special tax laws-related counseling. They communicated the knowledge about tax, economy and reform in some enjoyable forms that meet the characteristics of young students. They played an active role in raising the tax laws-related awareness among young students.

The tax employees from Hebei Hengshui Taocheng District Local Taxation Bureau introduce the environmental protection tax to the students from Hengshui No.14 High School.

Guangdong: New forms of classes for students’ parents

The Guangdong Shaoguan Municipal Office, SAT and Guangdong Shaoguan Local Taxation Bureau started the “Classes for Students’ Parents” in Tianjiabing High School to communicate the tax knowledge to each family.

The Shaoguan Municipal Office, SAT provided the students’ parents with one live course on preferential tax policies and pension and medical insurance policies on the parents’ platform, and arranged the on-site consultation points to answer their tax-related questions. These activities attracted many students’ parents. The tax personnel also taught them how to follow tax organs’ Wechat public account and experience Wechat-based tax services. “On such a platform as WeChat, the individuals with an annual income of RMB 12,000 and more can declare their personal income tax, pay vehicle and vessel tax, and have personal social insurance deducted. It’s really convenient!” Some parents attended the class and said.

The “Classes for Students’ Parents” is one of the innovative models in “Tax Laws on Campus” by the state and local tax organs in Guangdong Province during this year’s National Tax Awareness Month. In the future, the tax organs at all levels in Guangdong Province will organize some activities including the articles-soliciting contest of “My Tax-related Story”, Tax Zero-distance Experience Day, and Students’ Tax Drawing Contest. The chain-like tax laws education exemplary bases were created at different educational levels including universities, vocational schools, secondary schools and primary schools to continuously expand the coverage and influence of tax laws-related education.

Anhui: One letter opening “my heart to protect tax”

“We should ‘take from people and use for people’. Everything in your life and every detail in your study would be impossible with the contribution from tax. As you grow up, you’ll become taxpayers, and you can make more contributions to our motherland.” Xu Wenting, a student from Class 4, Grade 4 of Lu’an Wanxi Road Primary School in Anhui Province, was reading to all the classmates a letter from the Lu’an Municipal Office, SAT and Lu’an Local Taxation Bureau.

She told the reporter that “I understand the role and significance of tax now. Tax silently stays beside each of us to guarantee our lives.”

During this year’s National Tax Awareness Month, the Lu’an Municipal Office, SAT and Lu’an Municipal Local Taxation Bureau co-organized the activity of “Tax Laws on Campus” to give this letter to these pupils to that they can gain the awareness of complying with tax laws and protecting tax.

The activity of “Tax Laws on Campus” is a key part in the annual tax awareness month by the tax organs of Anhui Province. Jiang Dianzhu, deputy director of the Division of Law and Regulations at Anhui Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, said that “the local taxation bureaus at all levels walk into the campus to communicate the knowledge about tax laws so that pupils can learn something about it, high school students can understand and college students can use.”

The tax personnel from the Ningbo Municipal Office, SAT communicated the tax laws-related knowledge in the local high schools.

Gansu: First-hand tax experience

During this year’s National Tax Awareness Month, the activity of “Tax Laws on Campus” was organized by the tax organs in 16 cities (autonomous prefectures and counties) and 86 counties (cities and districts). The tax personnel from the Gansu Provincial Office, SAT and Guansu Provincial Local Taxation Bureau explained tax to students, communicated tax laws-related knowledge on campuses, and helped them become the “Little Propagandists of Tax Laws”.

“We used to think that tax has nothing to do with children. But the first-hand experience offers us a chance to learn something about the role of “taxpayers” Now we come to realize that tax is just beside us.” Shen Daoman, a student from Zuoni County Tibetan High School of Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, walked into the tax service hall to go through the tax collection and payment process and talked about the personal impression.

Tax cadres explained the source and purpose of tax to the students and helped these children learn, know and abide by tax laws. Under the guidance of tax personnel, the children sat behind the windows of tax declaration and invoice collection to handle the tax-related issues for taxpayers. They stood behind the tax guidance desks to help taxpayers to wait for services in queues and to distribute the publicity materials for taxpayers. The children were given a chance in this experience to access the tax-related knowledge directly, learn about the history and role of tax, understand the VAT Pilot, and experience the tax organs’ standardized management, civilized law enforcement and high-quality services.

Jiangxi: Share your tax-related story

Zhou Jiyu, a student from Class 3, Grade 4 of Nanchang Aixi Lake Primary School, was recently very happy. Her article “My Close-fisted Dad” was recognized by the first prize in the primary school group of the first young students’ article-soliciting contest with the theme of “Share Your Tax-related Story”. Her article was published in full by Jiangxi Morning News.

To popularize the tax laws-related knowledge among the primary and high school students, the Jiangxi Provincial Office, SAT and Jiangxi Morning News co-organized Jiangxi’s first young students’ article-soliciting contest with the theme of “Share Your Tax-related Story”. This contest was divided into three groups including the group for primary school students, the group for junior high school students and the group for senior high school students. The prize-winning articles will be published by Jiangxi Morning News.

Le Meiping, the Headmaster of Primary School Affiliated to Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, told the reporter that the students were organized to visit China Tax Receipts Museum inside Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics so that they could have an intimate contact with tax knowledge and compose high-quality compositions. The children were deeply impressed by this visit and ready to complete their articles. The students from this school were the top winners in this contest. Their prize-winning articles included “My Visit to Tax Receipts Museum” by Wu Haocheng from Class 4, Grade 3, “Road in My Hometown” by Liao Jiani from Class 3, Grade 4, and “My Encounter with Tax” by He Xuanze from Class 2, Grade 6.

According to Le, the articles solicited to describe the tax-related stories experienced, heard and seen in everyday life and the related insights are a very useful enlightenment form of tax knowledge.

The Jiangxi Jing’an County Office, SAT organized the students from Jing’an County No.1 Primary School to visit the tax service hall and experience the tax service process.

Xiamen: Learn tax laws happily and implant knowledge in the minds of children

“Zhu Yuanzhang’s son-in-law failed to pay tax on schedule. If you were Zhu Yuanzhang, what would you do?” “All men are equal in the face of law. He’d be punished.” An interesting course “Basic Tax Laws-related Knowledge for Children” was organized in Xiamen Jimei District Tiantou Primary School. The employees from the Xiamen Jimei District Office, SAT stood on the platform to communicate the tax laws-related knowledge to children.

Jin Weifeng, an office clerk from the Xiamen Municipal Office, SAT, told the reporter that the key business personnel from the Xiamen state and local tax authorities introduced the tax knowledge to pupils in the lively and interesting seminars during the annual National Tax Awareness Month.

In addition to the class-based communication of tax laws-related knowledge, the experience-based tax laws publicity activities are also popular with the children. Twenty-four students from Xiamen Tong’an District Datong Central Primary School visited the tax organs to experience everyday work there. They visited the self-service experience zone, self-service tax service zone and tax service zone inside the tax service hall, and learned something about the ways and process for tax declaration and payment. Under the guidance of tax clerks, the pupils helped taxpayers with their tax-related business and gained the first-hand experience of the tax guidance personnel’s work. In the paper-free tax service experience zone, the “little tax official” Chen Jiahao said, “I finally have a chance to use the tax knowledge I gained from our school’s tax laws-related education exemplary base. An invoice can be issued online. Steps are very simple. I’ll teach my grandpa, a businessman, to do this. He’s save a lot of troubles.”

The reporter learned in the interviews that the tax organs in Xiamen have organized the tax-related activities for teenagers for two decades. They, together with the education bureaus and the working committee of the municipal government, organize the tax laws-related awareness activities including small tax classes and little tax reporters in more than 30 tax schools and more than ten legal education bases.

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