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Wang Jun Stressed at the Seminar of the 27th National Tax Awareness Month
Continuously Improve Tax-based Business Environment and Further Boost High-quality Economic Development

Issuance Date: March 30, 2018 Source: General Office of the State Administration of Taxation

The State Administration of Taxation (“SAT”) held the seminar with the theme of “improving tax-based business environment and boosting high-quality economic development” on March 30. The representatives from business world were invited to discuss about the development plan of tax reform and suggest the ways for tax authorities to support the enterprises’ development. This seminar marked the official start of the 27th National Tax Awareness Month. The SAT’s Secretary of CPC Leadership and Administrator Wang Jun attended and addressed the seminar. Wang stressed that the national tax system should study and carry out Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era and the spirits of the 19th CPC National Congress, unswervingly deepen tax reform, earnestly implement preferential tax policies, continuously improve tax payment service, cultivate tax sources, improve tax-based business environment and boost the high-quality economic development.

The leaders from China’s leading enterprises including China Telecom, SOHO China, Haier Group, iFLY TEK, Huajian International,, SF Express, Melinda Quantum New Energy, Deloitte China and PWC spoke at the seminar. They made positive comments on the tax departments’ efforts to implement tax policies, boost the enterprises’ development, advance the reform of “delegation, regulation and service”, and improve tax-based business environment, and offered some suggestions for conducting tax reform, implementing preferential tax policy and enhancing tax collection and administration service level.

According to Wang, the entrepreneurs’ positive comments can be deemed as the encouragements and requirements for the tax departments. Their suggestions proved very valuable for increasing the quality and result of taxation work. The tax departments will examine all these suggestions and give early replies to them, and work hard to improve tax work accordingly.

As Wang stressed, the tax data showed that China’s stable and improved performance got constantly consolidated, so we’re more “confident” about development. The data on VAT invoices revealed that China’s economic development had a good start this year. The sales of new growth drivers industry and especially high-tech manufacturing and equipment manufacturing grew by 12.3% during January and February 2018, 4.7 percentage points higher than in December 2017; the sales of new growth drivers service sector developed at a high rate of 50.1%, 22.7 percentage points higher than that of last December, implying the satisfactory change of drivers behind corporate development. The privately-run economy made an increasing contribution. Consumption, investment and export experienced development, and the economic vitality, engine and potentials never ceased to be tapped. This is the result from the continued efforts to promote the supply-side structural reform and the result from all the enterprises’ hard struggle and active contribution.

As Wang pointed out, the tax departments should firmly and continuously stay true to the “determination” to reduce tax burden. The Report on the Work of the Government 2018 and a series of tax reduction measures as proposed at the executive meeting of the State Council on March 28 focused on real economy, high-end manufacturing industry and modern service industry, small and micro enterprises, and fair treatment. The VAT rates of 17% and 11% were reduced by 1%, and the pilot reform of VAT retained for tax rebate was promoted in some industries whose development was encouraged by the government. The tax departments should earnestly carry out these new policies and make the government’s “benefits” of tax cut to all the enterprises without delay.

As Wang said, the tax departments should constantly maintain their “perseverance” to increase the quality and result of tax services. They should work harder to boost the “Internet +Tax” action plan along a faster track, introduce the uniform and standardized e-tax bureau by the end of this year throughout the country, encourage the conversion of financial statements between tax departments and enterprises, try to enable the Internet-based delivery of tax declaration forms and financial statements in some industries this year, and better the regular interpretation mechanism of tax policies. The SAT has started since the second quarter of this year to include the taxpayers’ Q&A section in its quarterly tax policy interpretation video meeting in order to further enhance the certainty of tax policy. The SAT reinforced the publicity and education of tax laws among young students and co-organized the “Tax Laws on Campus” activity. The tax departments should reliably and actively boost the reform of tax institutions, and guaranteed all the tax service halls throughout the country would make all the tax services available since August 1 so as to create a good tax-based business environment for all the taxpayers.

The seminar was presided over by Yu Chunsheng, member of the Party Leadership Group and deputy administrator of the SAT. The attendees at the seminar included Wang Yongqing, member of the Party Leadership Group and vice chairman of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Sun Ruibiao and Ren Rongfa, members of the Party Leadership Group and deputy administrators of the SAT, and Liu Lijian, chief auditor of the SAT.

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