COTP Starts in China for More Tax Talents

Updated: 2023-10-20 Source: STA General Office

A joint training programme between China and OECD will cultivate tax administration talents with knowledge of international tax rules for China and other developing countries (regions), said a head of China’s state taxation administration on October 12, 2023 .

This program is China-OECD LLM Programme on Taxation(COTP) held in Xiamen University. It’s an effort of China's tax authority to implement President Xi Jinping’s important instruction of "strengthening global tax cooperation, combating international tax evasion, and helping developing and low-income countries improve their tax administration and management capacity", said Mr. Wangdaoshu, Deputy Commissioner of the State Taxation Administration.

Being a program co-hosted by OECD and academic institutions and authorities, it is the first degree program in taxation supported by the China government and OECD for tax professonals with global vision, innovative spirit and practical ability. This one-year training programme was firstly launched in September 2022.

Mr. Wang encouraged the programme members share with each other the outcomes in international tax law, and improve their capacity of tax administration. He believed that this training programme will sure open a new chapter of global tax governance.

Achim Pross, Vice Director of the OECD Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, acknowledged that the COTP was another milestone in the co-operation between Chinese tax and finance authorities and OECD. Such cooperation with Chinese authorities will continue and provide for the COTP more education resources in the international taxation field, said Mr. Pross.