Mr. Wang Jun attended 2023 BRICS Tax Heads Meeting

Updated: 2023-11-13 Source: STA General Office

Mr. Wang Jun, Commissioner of the State Taxation Administration (STA) of China, attended the 2023 BRICS Tax Heads Meeting, chaired by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) in Cape Town on November 8-9. During the meeting, delegates from BRICS tax administrations have deliberated on the building of smart modern tax authority and BRICS+ tax cooperation framework, with consensus reached.

Mr. Wang Jun (the second from the left) with other Heads of BRIC Tax Authorities

With over 10 years of development, BRICS tax cooperation has achieved fruitful results, in particular a number of "BRICS friends" newly joining the BRICS tax community. It demonstrates the openness and inclusiveness of the BRICS tax cooperation mechanism, as well as its growing vitality, attractiveness and influence.

The STA of China will firmly support and promote tax cooperation among the BRICS members to build a better multilateral tax cooperation platform, in order to reach more consensus, outcomes and progresses and serve economic and trade cooperation among the BRICS members. All the heads of BRICS tax authorities have agreed to deepen and expand BRICS tax cooperation, showing great confidence about the prospect.

During the meeting, the practical experiences and key concerns of building up the modern smart tax authority were discussed along with the case studies on best tax practices. It was agreed that people, data and technology are crucial factors to build the modern smart tax authority. BRICS members can further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the fields of staff training, tax data governance and use of modern technology, to promote the smart tax ecosystem construction. Mr. Wang stressed that, rather than tax administration and tax business, the smart taxation shall serve the stakeholders who create tax data and in need of tax data, as well as economic governance and national governance at the macro level.

How to enhance the BRICS+ tax cooperation framework after the expansion of the BRICS membership was also discussed. Six guiding principles were brought up on enhancing the secretariat under the mechanism of the rotating BRICS chairmanship, the setting of the annual work plan and so on. Mr. Wang advocated that all parties, by upholding the BRICS spirit of “openness, inclusiveness and win-win cooperation”, should work together to strengthen the construction of the BRICS multilateral tax cooperation platform. All should make efforts to promote the development of the global tax governance system in a more fair and just way, and to enhance and broaden the BRICS tax cooperation.