What We Do

Key responsibilities of STA:

1. Drafting tax laws, regulations and detailed implementing rules; providing advice on the making of tax policies; making joint efforts with the MOF to report and instructing implementation measures; interpreting tax laws and policies in the process of enforcement and reporting afterwards to the MOF for record-filing.

2. Undertaking the responsibility of collecting and administrating taxes, social insurance premiums, and non-tax revenues to ensure collection of the due amount of taxes and fees.

3. Participating in formulating macro-economic policies and regimes of state and local tax, conducting research on overall tax burden and providing advice and suggestions for state macro control through taxation.

4. Undertaking the responsibility of implementing reforms of tax collectioning and administration; drafting laws on tax collection and administration and formulating detailed implementing rules; formulating and supervising the enforcement of rules and regulations of tax collection and administration; supervising and inspecting the implementation of laws, regulations and policies on tax collection and administration.

5. Undertaking the responsibility of constructing taxpayer service system; designing taxpayer service system, standardizing taxpayer service; designing and supervising the enforcement of guarantee system for taxpayers' rights.

6. Implementing classified management and professional service for taxpayers; implementing taxpayer service and tax sources management for large businesses.

7. Undertaking the responsibility of drafting long- and medium-term and annual plansfor tax revenue; implementing investigation of tax sources; improving accuracy of analysis and forecast for tax revenue; implementing measures of tax reliefs.

8. Undertaking the responsibility of formulating informationization system of taxadministration; drafting long- and medium-term of plan on construction for informationization system of tax administration; implementing construction for Golden Tax Project.

9. Conducting international tax exchanges and collaborations; engaging in international and regional tax negotiations; initialling and implementing tax agreements and treaties.

10. Handling import/export tax and export tax refund.

11. Implementing a dual leadership of the STA and the governments of provinces(autonomous regions and municipalities), with the STA playing a leading role.

12. Undertaking other tasks assigned by the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council.